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Frequently asked questions

I need some help, who should I talk to?

What does Rappor Metrics do?

  • Measures your performance based on the perception of key companies
  • Provides specific direction and priorities for improvement
  • Gives the direction and speed of travel for you and your peer group
  • Opens up improved dialogue leading to better alignment and collaboration
  • Used skilfully, can lead to identifying savings and business opportunities

What do I get for the annual subscription?

  • Your own company dashboard for receiving feedback, analysing it, and comparing versus peer performance
  • Specific recommendations for your business from each individual company
  • Transparency on how your teams are performing
  • Empirical evidence for measuring and appraising your team and company
  • Honest indication on how each customer rates you v competitors
  • Category opportunities that current companies are not fulfilling adequately
  • Analysis leading to better action planning about own company and the same about competitors
  • Ability to influence category to measure and improve important aspects, eg seasonal survey, results and analysis

How will it help my Company?

  • Increasing the performance of my teams
  • Moving me closer to key companies
  • Business planning
  • Appraisals
  • Business opportunities
  • Resource planning
  • Investment prioritisation
  • Efficiencies
  • Stakeholder communications
  • M&A due diligence
  • Recruitment

What will I be saying positively about service in 1 year’s time

  • I am now closer to all key companies
  • I am now aware of what businesses think about all key companies in my category
  • I know where my biggest opportunities lie
  • I know what key companies think of my teams and our business
  • I have a sounder business plan
  • All my teams have more productive meetings with key companies
  • I am better connected with relevant business leaders
  • My stakeholders are more comfortable with our position and direction
  • We are working more closely with key companies to achieve mutual objectives
  • I realise how important perceptions are, and how we can influence them better

How many companies can I survey?

  • All key companies who participate in our service, and those that don’t

Do I have to pay more at any stage?

  • You can also acquire insight into other categories and other companies

How much insight do I get each year?

  • Businesses in your category decide the best survey programme – timing, frequency, subject, questions
  • Results can be analysed and re-analysed from each survey to maximise usable insight

What if the feedback stops?

  • It means the feedback they have given has not been used to the best effect
  • Don’t let this happen! Use feedback intelligently and constructively for mutual benefit

Why will key companies invest valuable time to give you feedback?

  • They want to work with better companies
  • They want to drive efficiencies
  • They want you to resource adequately to benefit their business
  • They want to give honest feedback that helps both businesses (but face-to-face can be awkward)
  • They want to praise and motivate you to ensure you keep improving
  • They want better key company relationships than their competition
  • Communications become efficient and consistent across their supply base
  • Leads to more informed and more productive meetings
  • Execs communicate more effectively
  • By knowing their agenda and expectations better, you deliver more, more quickly
  • They want your feedback so need to reciprocate
  • There is no downside!

The inside track to improved performance

As global competition intensifies, leading companies are reassessing their organisational practices and realigning their systems, structures, and strategic goals to improve strategy execution. Maximum visibility from end-to-end in the supply-chain enables leaders to grow their advantage.

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